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Do you not have 6-10 hours to dedicate on a weekend or evening to play in Magic: The Gathering tournaments? Tournament rounds held on this site are run over seven days to provide a more casual atmosphere. It allows busy people who don't have the time to block out an entire day of their weekend or blow their whole evening to participate in both free tournaments and paid, prize supported tournaments.

How it works:

  • Log in, or create an account
  • All tournaments are 8 man single elimination tournaments and each round lasts seven days.
  • You will receive your pairings via email. It is your responsibility to contact your opponent to find a time to play on Magic Workstation.
  • When the match is complete, the winner reports the results on the tournament page and the opponent confirms the results.
  • If the tournament was prize supported, prizes will be mailed after the tournament has completed.
  • Detailed rules are located at the Rules Page.

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